decentralized startup swarm

  • The ultimate holy grail of our whole community is the concept of an autonomous startup swarm
  • A functioning direct democracy that allows anyone to have a vote proportional to their actual value
  • Where the ownership of each project is based on the actual physical contributions of each person

TribeDAO ecosystem

The TribeDAO ecosystem is meant to be a thriving, living organism that ensures the balance and security of Tribehouse

Tribe Gold $TRBG

The foundational currency of the TribeDAO that allows for day to day transactions within Tribehouse.

TribeGold can be spent on unique Tribe Deck cards that you can use to trigger certain events in Tribehouse (leader voting, reclaim abandoned project etc). The initial amount of TribeGold received is your ownership of the project (regardless of how much $TRBG you sold or spent on cards).

Tribe Deck

The utility NFT token series granting right to trigger certain events in relation to Tribehouse projects

With the exception of one-time presale, Tribe Deck NFTs can be bought only in return for Tribe Gold. TribeDAO releases them in accordance to the observed situation in Tribehouse. For example: if multiple project were abandoned, TribeDAO will issue Takeover NFTs that will allow a user to claim majority ownership of the project and be promoted to that project’s leader in return for the NFT card.

Direct democracy for all

We choose together what projects to start and back financially

Tribers know what’s good for them and they express it thought their vote. Many people recognizing a need is also a great way to minimize the risk of building something no one needs.

Which person should be rewarded for their contributions

The value of a person to the project is continuously assessed by his peers. A person doing a lot will inevitably receive substantially more TribeGold than his less active team mates. This helps keep the best.

Who will be promoted to a tribe lord

Each Tribe decides democratically who will be their commander. Teams are not stuck with bad leaders, as is often the case with traditional startups.


“If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” – Elon Musk

Q3 2021

Community founded

The Tribehouse community, moderated by EmployPlan started already in 2021 with initial 12 projects. Currently 4 projects remain with MVPs ready for the first run. We expect to extend the community to 80 projects by end of 2022.

Q2 2022

TribeGold and TribeDeck release

In early September, we will be launching a unique presale of NFT TribeDeck cards that can be used after TribeDAO goes live, to trigger certain events to happen in Tribehouse. The Deck will be announced one month before the presale.

Q1 2023

TribeDAO Launch

By end of March, we intend to launch the release version of the TribeDAO ethereum dapp. The initial version will include voting for projects and contributions, tracking ownership and distributing TribeGold. Permanently reinventing how we approach innovating as a collective.

⏳ Tribe Deck Presale

On September 1st at 6pm CST!


Frequently asked questions 💡

Why is TribeDAO good for startup founders?
In a typical startup the shares are distributed in a very abstract way that is often unfair to a certain degree. Its very possible that a person that barely contributed would end up with majority shares. This ought to cause conflicts in the long run. With Tribehouse there is no conflict as the share is the value of person's continuous contributions.
How will today joiners be compensated?
We reserve 20% of entire $TRBG supply to be released to early contributors over time after TribeDAO launch.